Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.  ~African proverb

Welcome! What's this human’s life like? Just like yours: too much to handle gracefully. Here you’ll find writing on the epic theme: What now? I post weekly-ish. Except when I don’t.

More About Yours Truly

I’m a working shrink, as is Hubby. No, we don’t analyze each other. We’re not that mature.  We live with Son and Poodle Oodle in rural upstate New York.

Unfortunately, I am given to enthusiasms. I'm coming off a two year granola bender: 24 blends of "Dr. D's" and counting. When not practicing my profession (Will I ever get it right?), I read. Way too long, way too late, in bed, most nights. ("So many books. So little time." Frank Zappa)

Then there's journaling, doodling and this blog, cooking, making the farm run, tai chi, loving up my friends, family and pooch. I could sleep more, but... will I?